FAQs - Cab Firms

How do I add my firm to your website and app for as cheap as possible?
Sign up and pay for the £30 subscription model. Then contact us to say you would like to use the dispatch system and app. We will then get you set up. It costs 10p per fare.
Whats the difference between the 10p and 20p fare charges?
The 20p option includes SMS updates to passengers and VoIP integration. Unless you really need this we recommend the 10p option.
Whats the difference between silver and gold pricing plans?
This is illustrated in the pricing plans page.
Can I cancel any time?
How do I add the review badge to my website?
Enter your email below badge code on your cab firm details page. Then put the code we email you on your website.
How do I add my website to the cabs.com listing?
Go to the cab firm sign up page.
How do I add my cab firm?
Please click here to add your cab firm.
How do I set up silver membership?
Subscription are options displayed on account activation email. For existing users, Please login to cab firm account to see subscription details.
How do I set my cab firm mileage rates?
You can set mileage rates via edit profile page. Please login to your cab firm account and click on Profile.
I forgot my password, now what?
Please click here to reset your password
How do I upload my logo?
You can do this via profile page. Please login to your cab firm account and click on profile.

FAQs - Passengers

How do I make a booking?
There are 3 ways:
- Locate your nearest cab firm and call them
- Compare fares and then book
- Use the app to book a live car
How do I cancel a booking?
Contact the cab firm directly
How do I leave a review?
Visit the cab firm page In this site and leave a review
How do I retrieve something that I left behind?
Contact the cab firm directly.