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We successfully upgraded our dispatch and telephony systems to the newest,most technologically advanced systems available in the current marketplace, ensuringthat no matter what 2014 may hold, we are in the perfect position to continue servicingthe people of Salford’s transportational needs

Mainline Sevens provides travel services in and around Salford,Manchester. Their serivces include Cabs, Minicabs, Taxis/Radio Cars and Airport transfers, Chauffeur Service & Executive Car Hire etc. to mention a few.

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Address: Lissadel Street, Salford, Salford, Manchester, m6 6gg, United Kingdom


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Reviews for Mainline Sevens

1 stars

My gran and grandad got a taxi home last night and he dropped his phone in the taxi without realising. He realised at about 9pm, 2 hours later, finding out that both cards inside the phone case had been used at a petrol station in Salford, where mainline is based. They are trying to tell us the taxi driver didn’t take it, the chances of someone from peel green to Salford the same night is unlikely. Vile scum.

1 stars

Taxi reg mm63opo plate number 2375 On 26th November at 4 pm I witnessed the driver of this vehicle speeding on Manchester road in Swinton , overtake at least two cars unsafely , in rainy and dark conditions . My son was killed last year by a car driving in an equally stupid and unlawful manner and whoever this driver is does not deserve a driving license, let alone a taxi license. He is a liability to other road users, pedestrians and his passengers. I would like a reply from you as to what action you take and how serious you consider this matter to be , as this erratic and dangerous driving is on no way excusable, and nobody deserves to lose a loved one just before Christmas as a result of this idiotic behaviour.

5 stars


5 stars

Simple and straightforward booking service and drivers were fabulous on both journeys; safe driving but also polite, cheery, chatty (what a laugh we had). I’d have no hesitation in using your taxi company again and thoroughly recommend based on our experience

5 stars

please on 8:30 as i need to get to work for 9

5 stars

1 stars

So i have been using this taxi firm for years but never i been rude to by a mouth woman at customer service i spoke to on Wednesday 12/12/2018 she called me a liar as if she knows me pure ignorant.

0 stars

1 stars

Waited 40 mins for a taxi that would be "about 10 minutes", missed a very important doctors appointment, phoned back, the woman on the other end immediately came at me, saying my address doesn't exist and that my street has loads of blocks of flats. ..Yet they are all part of the same complex, and there's only one of my number, only one front gate too, where I was stood before calling. After telling her to cancel (which is a courtesy, by the way), she said "Right!", as nouty as possible and put the phone down. I'm sorry it's such hard work for you love, but some people have already worked and need to go do other things, sharpish, that's why Taxi's are a thing.. If a manager is reading, this is what makes people install Uber.

1 stars

Driver very rude start to scream at me in front of my daughter school and show me his middle finger in front of my daughter. VERY BADDDDD DRIVER AND PERSON IN FRONT OF A CHILD?????????

4 stars


5 stars

Mainline sent a cab to McDonald’s to take me into town. An overall great customer service.

4 stars

It is an interesting experience using the cab. Always on time and the taxi are very neat

5 stars

Took a taxi to the Trafford centre. The fare quoted was really good. We had a quick journey there. Well impressed.

5 stars

Ordered a cab to take me to the airport. Driver arrived on time and dropped me off right outside the terminal 3's entrance. Set price was very reasonable. Highly recommend.

5 stars

So easy to use. Had multiple drop offs and got a quote within minutes. Driver phoned to confirm and left his number so we coul contact him. Would definitely use them again.