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Z Cars provides travel services in and around Cambuslang,Glasgow. Their serivces include Cabs, Minicabs, Taxis/Radio Cars and Airport transfers, Chauffeur Service & Executive Car Hire etc. to mention a few.

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Rated 1/5 based on 11 customer reviews

Address: 1 New Rd, Cambuslang, Glasgow, G727PU, United Kingdom


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Reviews for Z Cars

1 stars

What a rude staff this company have! Wanted to book a taxi for a later time. Was told in a neddy voice, that they weren’t taking bookings need to phone back when you need it! Phoned another local company and voile, taxi booked no probs! Won’t phone z cars again horrible firm

1 stars

Just had a taxi driver, reg SG18BKD. The smelliest driver of all time. Oh my god he is stinking, proper hygeine issues. So I get in your taxi and say how are you.... His response? "I'm not interested in talking to you'. Then I said there's three more coming and he said "I hope they fucking turn up". I had a text 1 minute before saying the taxi had arrived. I tried my very best to have fun with him the whole way home despite his horrific attitude and he was nothing but a rude person "I don't care about who's in my taxi". What a horrible person. Why do you employ people like this? I asked for his name to make a complaint and he would only say "Jim" which was I suspect a lie. Please refund my taxi fare and discipline him. That is entirely unacceptable. Nobody should have to deal with such a horrible rude person ever again. I have used many taxi companies on my life and never experienced such a genuinely horrible person. I have never complained about a company ever until now.

1 stars

terrible customer service. when I complained about the driver's bad attitude, he stopped the taxi and told me to get out. It was 2.30am and as a single woman on my own, I felt vulnerable and afraid.

1 stars

Ignorant can’t seem to pick up a phone, never use this shite company again the staff are cunts. Cheeky.ignorant.CUNTS

0 stars

3 stars

Lost an ecig just wondering if it had been found cheers

0 stars

5 stars

Z Cars are a fabulous local firm Whose drivers are excellent and go the extra mile for the customers, they have looked after me and my family very well since I started using them over a year ago

1 stars

Z cars dropped my sister at westburn cemetery at midnight and drove away ,that was the last time she was alive she was found next morning,why did he not inform his office or go back to her house and tell someone ,they could have got to cemetery in 5 minutes,what type of person leaves a 70 year old vulnerable woman ,with pyjamas and slippers on ,and it was also the worst night for snow ,it is very hard to accept that she might still be with us if only he would have told somebody

1 stars

One of the taxis driver have stolen all my 21st birthday cards from my gran who is 82!! The taxi picked my gran and her sisters up from my party and the gift bags were in the boot of the car, he dropped my gran off first and offered to take the bags in for her.. my gran walks ahead in the gate then the driver comes and puts the bags in soon as he left my gran noticed the carrier with every single card went missing and phone the company straight away, All they have said is non of there drivers would do that.. they aren't concered about what has happened!!! Alot of money was in these cards, my 21st birthday is ruined I am gutted

5 stars

Z Cars picked me up from Aldi with my shopping. Quick and cheap ride home. Would recommend.