Investor Relations has been free for the last 3 years. We now have over 8,000 cab firms listed with us.

We launch our subscription services on 1st May which will include advanced listing, dispatch, and app services. has been funded by its founders to date and is seeking to raise money during its first round of funding. If you are interested in purchasing shares then please fill in this form:
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FAQs - Investor

How many cab firms are on the site?
Over 8000 in the UK
What is the current advertising spend?
Minimal. Our traffic mainly comes from word of mouth and search engines.
Which countries does operate in?
Does employ drivers directly?
What about Uber, Lyft, Ola, etc?
These firms all have their own drivers, we aggregate existing drivers of existing cab firms onto one app.

What about self driving cars?
This is some way off. There are many companies working on it and it's likely that there will be multiple car operating systems. As and when this occurs we would ask our existing cab firms and drivers to put their self driving cars onto, thereby ensuring their revenue stream and continuing to provide a service to our customers at record low prices.
What services does provide?
Find your local cab firm
Compare fares
Book a fare in the future
Look at and leave reviews
Digital hailing via our app
Full dispatch system for cab firms
Driver app

What is ultimate vision?
To aggregate all cab firms onto one website and app